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What is a multi-academy trust?

A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a group of academy schools overseen by a charitable trust, and governed by a board of trustees. Rather than being financed by the local authority, a MAT is directly funded by, and accountable to, the Department for Education. While the schools that make up the trust are still firmly part of their community, the trust is there to support the schools and help them work together for the benefit of all children.

Why are so many schools grouped under The Cornerstone Academy Trust?

Grouping schools within a multi-academy trust affects the quality of education we can provide for your child in a beneficial way. Improved learning outcomes are behind everything we do.

What is the Digital Primary Academy (DPA) model?

For many years Broadclyst Community Primary School has integrated cutting-edge technology into the classroom together with project-based learning. Children enjoy their lessons and the results speak for themselves. This Digital Primary Academy model is one that can inspire children throughout the whole trust group, and Westclyst Community Primary School is a new school that is benefiting from the DPA experience from day one. 

What other benefits are there to a multi-academy trust?

Facilities can be shared across schools within the trust. For example, Broadclyst Community Primary School has a new state-of-the-art school hall, a TV studio and an observatory that all member schools can take advantage of. Similarly, the new Westclyst Community Primary School will have an all-weather sports pitch.

Children can benefit from a wide range of specialist staff; a particular feature of the trust is that it employs many qualified and experienced teachers who are not assigned to a specific class. This allows us to deliver both a broad curriculum and a range of enriched extra-curricular activities to children across all the schools.

These benefits will develop further as the trust grows.

Do the schools have to follow the national curriculum?

Although academies are not required to follow the national curriculum, Cornerstone Academy Trust Schools fulfil all the requirements of the national curriculum and use technology to extend it in an innovative, relevant, exciting and dynamic way to inspire and engage children.

Are the schools still inspected by Ofsted?

Yes, academies are still subject to Ofsted inspections.


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